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David Atogho
Born in Cameroon
81 years
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"Now after David (Atogho) had served God in his generation, he fell asleep." Acts 13:36a

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest David Tabenda Atogho who was born in Ngwo, Cameroon on 29th March, 1936 and passed away in Miramar -  Florida, on Saturday, 2nd September, 2017.

Daddy spent his early years in Soh, Ngwo. While the older ones ran off into the bushes to hide, younger children like him fell victim to the School Campaigners who came around to oblige children to go to school. And so he got to attend the Basel Mission School, Nkon. School locations trailed agglomerations; and so since this school ended only in Standard Two, he later literally walked on foot to Victoria/Limbe to continue his studies at the Baptist School and at the Native Authority/Local Council School, Down Beach.
Through very stiff competition, Daddy got enrolled in 1951 in the second batch of the Basel Mission College (BMC), which later became the Cameroon Protestant College (CPC) Bali - the second college to be opened in 1949 in the then West Cameroon. He passed the Division One of the West African School Certificate, the equivalent of the GCE Ordinary Level. He then went to work as a Third Class Clerk, during which time he studied and sat for the Advanced Levels. Interestingly, he failed the exam, probably due to overconfidence. This was a humbling experience for him, one that served him well later in life. He repeated and passed this exam at the Nigerian College of Arts, Science and Technology (NigerColl), Enugu Campus - Nigeria. During this time, he played a very important role in the inception and functioning of the National Union of Kamerun Students (NUKS). He, in fact, was the Secretary of the NUKS Delegation that went to Yaounde in 1960 and was received by Prime Minister Charles Assale. Along their way on this mission, they spent the night in the hotel which till today stands along the banks of the River Sanaga right near to the bridge in Edea. 
It was during this period in Enugu, while working and studying intermittently, that he got engaged to Miss Monica Ada Awuro who was a nurse. They got married on 1st January, 1961 at the Presbyterian Church in Muyuka.
He earned a Bachelor's Degree in English with Honours from the University of Ghana - Legon - Accra. He obtained a Masters Degree in Linguistics from the University of California - Los Angeles - USA.

Daddy worked as a Civil Servant from 1956 and Retired as a Principal Civil Administrative Officer in 1991. During these 33 years, he served as:

- Third Class Clerk, House of Assembly and House of Chiefs - Buea: 1956 - 1960
- Assistant Executive Officer - House of Assembly - Buea: 1960 - 1961
- Administrative Officer, Finance and then Public Service - Buea: 1964 - 1967 
- Secretary General - Clerk of the House - West Cameroon House of Assembly,
  Buea: 1967 - 1968
- Private Secretary of The Prime Minister - Buea: 1968 - 1969
- Secretary General - Prime Minister's Office - Buea: 1969 - 1971
- Deputy Director Of Territorial Organization - MINAT - Yaounde: 1972 - 1973
- Director Of Cabinet with rank of Secretary of State - President of the National
  Assembly - Yaounde: 1973 - 1988
- Technical Adviser with Rank of Secretary General - National Assembly:
  1988 - 1991

During this time Daddy traveled across the globe attending inter-parliamentary and other meetings in over 50 countries and at the service of Cameroon.

Daddy also served as:

- Member of Board of Directors of "Agence Camerounaise de Presse"
  (predecessor of Cameroon Tribune): 1971 - 1975
- Member of the National Scout Committee: 1975 -1988
- Chairman of the Board of Directors of Chase Bank Cameroon: 1981 - 1991
- Chairman of the Board of Directors of Meridian Bank Cameroon: Till 1991
- Part-time Lecturer in Linguistics and English Language - University of Yaounde

He received several Honours, amongst which:

- Officer of Cameroon Merit - October 1971
- Knight of the Order of Valour - May 1978
- Officer of the Order of Valour - May 1983
- Grand Cordon of Cameroon Merit - May 1988

Daddy gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ in 1976, and thereafter concomittantly served the Lord God as Elder/Pastor, Marriage Counselor and Director of the Missionary School - Christian Missionary Fellowship International. He led an Evangelistic Crusade to his village, as a beginning point. He was an Advisor, Counselor, Confidant, Father, Friend, Teacher and more, to many. He was passionate about his faith and love for the Lord, and he lived it out.

He was a seasoned Administrator, a fine Legislator and a great Policy-maker. He was excellent at Managing Human Resources and had a diplomatic touch as well as a broad outlook on International relations.

This man also made "Daddy" a name, and was called "Daddy Atogho,"  "Brother Daddy," "Frère Daddy," "GrandPa Daddy Atogho" and of course, "Daddy Ata."

He leaves behind Mama Monica Ada Atogho, 5 Children and 13 Grandchildren. 
He peacefully slept on into eternity that Saturday morning.
He will live forever in our memories and hearts.


I. Saturday, 28th October, 2017 - MIRAMAR, MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA

  • 03:00 p.m. - Viewing and Service at Joseph Scarano Funeral Home, 9000 Pines Boulevard, Pembroke Pines/Miramar Florida
  • 08:00 p.m. - Vigil at the Atogho Residence, Silvershores Community,  2031 SW 152nd Terrace, Miramar FL 33027
- Travel arrangements:
Port of arrival: Fort Lauderdale International Airport OR Miami International Airport
Accommodation: CODE - "Atogho Family"
       Courtyard by Marriott - 954 450 1801
       Residence Inn by Marriott - 954 450 2717 
       Hilton Garden Inn - 954 874 1258
N.B.: Please book before October 7, 2017 for hotel discount

II. Saturday, 4th November, 2017 - BURTONSVILLE, MARYLAND, USA

  • 07:00 p.m. - Paying of last respects at The Vikings Center

III. Thursday, 7th December, 2017 - YAOUNDE, CENTER REGION, CAMEROON

  • 10:00 a.m. - Casketing at the Reference Hospital (Hopital General), Ngousso
  • 01:00 p.m. - Church Service at Christian Missionary Fellowship International Center, Damas
  • 06:00 p.m. - Vigil at the Atogho Residence, Nsimeyong

IV. Friday, 8th December, 2017 - BAMENDA & NGWO, NORTH WEST REGION, CAMEROON

  • 01:00 a.m. - Departure for Ngwo via Bamenda
  • 08:00 a.m. - Brief stop at Full Gospel Mission Center, Ayaba, Bamenda
  • 10:00 a.m. - Departure for Soh, Ngwo, Njikwa
  • 06:00 p.m. - Vigil at the Atogho Residence, Soh, Ngwo

V. Saturday, 9th December, 2017 - NGWO, NORTH WEST REGION, CAMEROON

  • 11:00 a.m. - Church Service
  • 01:00 p.m. - Interment
  • 02:00 p.m. - Collation
  • Departure/Dispersal
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